The Most Interesting Butterflies Of The North Carolina

Butterfly Species

With about 175 butterfly species that either breed or migrate in North Carolina, this place never disappoints you especially if you are a macro photographer, or researching about odonates, especially butterflies. The many species of butterflies in North Carolina include the Gossamer-wings, skippers, the papilionoidea, the goatweed leafwing, tawny emperor, the viceroy etc. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is considered to be the most famous butterfly of North Carolina. But among all the other species the below mentioned butterflies are mostly seen. If you are participating in the 100 mile challenge or camping across North Carolina, you will be able to see these natural wonders everywhere.

Small winged wonders of North Carolina, the butterflies will please anyone who can appreciate beauty. As they feed on diverse flowers in the state parks mostly, any hindrance on the natural ecosystem will be fatal for them.


Brushfoots hail from the diverse Nymphalide family and they all have shorter forelegs. Few of them are listed:

Gulf Fritillary

American Lady

Common Buckeye

Painted Lady

Red spotted Purple


Swallowtails are the most popular butterfly families found mainly in the east coast of United States. Few other butterflies which belong to this species are:

Female Eastern Tiger

Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Female Pipevine Swallowtail

Spicebush swallowtail

White, Orangetips And Sulphurs

They belong to the Pierdae family and they are found in warm weather conditions. Few others from this species are as follows:

Falcate Orangetips

Cabbage White

Cloudless Sulphur


These belong to the Blues and Hairstreaks Family. Few others which fall under this species are :

Grey Hairstreak

Red banded hairstreak

Male Eastern Tailed Blue

Spring Azure


Skippers belong to the Hesperiidae family. Some of the most commonly found butterflies under this family are:

Silver Spotted Skipper

Long-Tailed Skipper

Southern Cloudywing

Juvenal’s Duskywing

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