About Us

Our compassionate team members are always striving to protect the natural habitats of the native animals so that they can flourish fully and we can tick them off from the endangered list.

What We Do

The North Carolina State Parks System comprises of not only state parks but also natural areas, trails, river systems, lakes and recreation areas. We seek to cover all these sectors to maintain balance in the ecosystem especially due to the rapid urbanization and human interference. From the peaks to the estuary, our work is to safeguard all the natural resources and keep their virginity intact –not only for us but also for our next generation to come.

We work hand in hand with other administrations working towards the same cause because we believe in the united effort of all mankind to make the North Carolina State Parks a safe place to live and explore. Various trail management systems, park and recreation administering bodies and river protection boards have aided us in our effort and together we hope to grow more in future.

The team of nature loving individuals and researchers from different walks of life at XYZ are united with the same goal – to keep the North Carolina State Parks sustainable for not only the native flora and fauna but also the visitors that is you. We obtain full resources from the parks and keep a record of the changes it has faced after a natural calamity or after visitor interference. Our compassionate team members are always striving to protect the natural habitats of the native animals so that they can flourish fully and we can tick them off from the endangered list.

Let’s Create A Better Place Together

To know more about our initiative in protecting the North Carolina State Parks, our tour programs and tour related guides.

What We Believe

We believe in equality –equality among all living beings to have right on the resources of the world. We believe that all the nature parks, recreation areas, forests, cliffs, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and coasts are created for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, we believe that when the resources are there for everyone’s enjoyment, it is also the duty of everyone to try to protect them and use them sensibly so as to not hindering their characteristics.

Our Mission

By organizing regular seminars, nature activities, festivals and conservation projects, our mission is to spread our belief to all the people who hail from or visit the North Carolina State Parks. When we can show people how important nature is to them and how important every living element is for nature, our mission will be served.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the flora and fauna of the North Carolina State Parks. Our vision is to see the native plants grow gracefully without the fear of demolishment. Our vision is to see the native animals roam within the parks freely, without the fear of being disturbed by anyone. Finally, our vision for you is that you can get the rawest essence of the parks every time you visit.

Our Goal In future

Our goal for future is a sustainable environment for North Carolina, where no matter whether you are hiking or catching fish, biking or camping under the sky, you feel connected to nature. Besides, our goal is to encourage people come forward in conservational projects and restore the natural habitats of the fauna.

Cape Fear River And The Marvelous Raven Rock State Park

The main highlight of this state park within a fall zone is the 150 feet towering Raven Rock that overlooks the Cape Fear River for over a mile.

Tourist Review

“Me and my family goes to Mountain Park around 3-4 times a year we do not live far from it is beautiful nice hiking trails The Falls is nice and now they also have camping so we recommend for everyone to try”


“We love this campground. It is a state park campground. Pets are allowed, alcohol is not. The river runs right by the campground and is a beautiful place to photograph plant and animal life..”


“Great hiking opportunities with primitive campsites. The waterfall hike is pretty. Good picnic area as well, Make sure you avoid Saturday’s in the Fall as it can get crowded on the trail…”