With the plethora of campgrounds within the North Carolina State Parks, setting out for camping will be one of the best ways to spend the weekend close to nature. As the locations vary, the amenities too vary –while some sites are perfect for primitive camping, some sites have all necessary hookups, washrooms, picnic areas, cabins and more. Whether you are participating in the Catawba River Fest, doing the 100 Miles Challenge, traveling solo or with friends, with kids or with pets –you have to consider a few things before setting out for a specific park, pitching tent and be faced with various discomfort and hassles.

All-In-One Guide For Camping In North Carolina

No matter whether you go out for camping often or occasionally, while camping in North Carolina State Parks, you should take a few rules in consideration. The following tips would also help you in near future regardless of how you are traveling or where.

Take Permit

For camping in any designated state park, proper permit is mandatory. In some cases, you can get it from the park website or from the visitor center before entering the park.


No matter whether you have reserved a site beforehand or not, you have to register yourself and your companions with the on-site ranger or at the registration box offered on site

Designated Sites Only

Yes, a number of over-adventurous people have the inclination towards camping at areas which are off-limits. By all means, there are designated areas where only camping is allowed.

Tending Firewood

Just as camping spots, fires are also permitted at certain designated places only, where you can light fire by borrowing firewood from the park authority or buying locally. Make sure fire does not spread elsewhere. Also, check whether there is any prohibition regarding fire.

Do Not Stray

Your vehicles and camping gears should be limited within the reserved premises only. Make sure to register your car if it is going to be parked after the closing hours.

Leave No Trace

If the park does not have trash deposit stations, carry your trash with you while leaving. Also make sure to pack all your belongings after camping.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you should also follow some personal rules like –

  • Carrying sufficient water and dry food to keep yourself content during camping
  • Carrying medical emergency kits and spare clothing to safeguard yourself from change in weather or accidents.
  • Wear comfy hiking shoes and carry camera, hiking gears, mobile phone, chargers, lamps, torches etc
  • Don’t approach wild animals, even if you do, stay calm and keep kids away. Travel in groups.
  • Keep eyes on kids to check that they are not near the water body or woods alone.
  • Secure your camping area at night and leave no food outside as that can attract wild animals.

Be it RV camping or camping at off-the-beaten path, camping at North Carolina is viable with lots of parks like New River State Park, Hanging Rock State Park or Raven Rock State Park. Follow the tips and make lots of happy memories.