North Carolina has 41 beautiful state parks and recreational areas to visit with your family. You can experience the scenic beauty and try adventurous activities. Stargazing, fishing, camping, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, canoeing, windsurfing, bike riding are some of the common activities to do while in the state park. Some of the best places for adventure at North Carolina State Parks are as follows.

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Jordan Lake State Park In Apex

This is one of the highly visited state parks in North Carolina. Thousands of families visit this state park and one would always find the park crowded, especially during the summer season. This is because of nearly 1000 family campsites in the park. The scenic beauty and the blue water around make it a favourite place for RV. The camping areas in this national park is kept neat and clean. You can find many acres of pristine water that makes the park an enjoyable place for families to visit during summer. During camping, families can enjoy adventure activities like Hiking. You can witness the serene beauty of the park as you hike.

Merchants Millpond State Park In Gatesville

People who enjoy fishing should definitely visit this state park. Families can rent canoes or bring their own while visiting the park. With the canoes, you can gently glide across the surface of the millpond area. Another highlight of this state park is that game fishing is also permitted in this area. You will find different species of fish, bald cypress with Spanish moss in the area. Fishing is one of the must-do activities when you visit this state park. The coastal pond, the dark surface, swamp forest makes it a brilliant ecosystem. You can choose a campsite or canoe to enjoy your serene stay at this state park.

South Mountains State Park In Connelly

This state park has a stupendous waterfall that must be visited while you are in North Carolina. The vast stretch of the park has allowed many families to stay and fish during their holidays. The biggest highlight of this park is majestic Shoals Waterfall. This waterfall is located on Jacob’s river, where one can find the waterfall from a good height over a rock. You can access this waterfall by taking a small hike across the rough terrain. This place will also interest the mountain bikers and the hikers as they witness the extreme scenic beauty of this state park.

Kerr Lake State Park In Henderson

Kerr Lake is one of the largest lakes located in the Southeast region. It covers more than 850 miles of shoreline ranging 50,000 acres. This state park is a treat for water enthusiasts and for people who love to adventure in the land. This scenic place encourages many activities like fishing, water skiing, bird watching, swimming, camping, boating, nature hikes, and windsurfing. Families can take advantage of these activities while visiting this state park. It has a very scenic beauty which makes these activities even more attractive and fun. Families can enjoy the place by camping and performing the activities.

Pilot Mountain State Park In Pinnacle

This stupendous state park has two major points. One is the Big Pinnacle, while the other is the Little Pinnacle. The Big Pinnacle is approximated around 1400-foot wall of rock. You can find the rock to be covered with a different type of vegetations. On top of the Big Pinnacle, you will find a connection to the other point by means of a small saddle. The Little Pinnacle is a region known for a hike and at the end of it, you can see many miles forward. In addition to hiking, you can try to climb the hill by pedaling the bicycle and fishing.

North Carolina has some beautiful state parks that must be visited especially during the summer. You can explore the best places for different adventurous activities at the North Carolina State Parks before choosing the perfect one.