The Importance of Consumer Testimonials in Business Marketing

When a company or business wants to spread the word about a new product they have coming out soon, what is the one service or authority that they consistently turn to? That’s a good question, and the answer to it would be social media.

We have seen so many times that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, and so many other social media giants have changed the landscape for online marketing. These dominant social media giants connect people far and wide, as is their goal, and at the same time give many chances for brilliant marketing to go big. It is so easy to reach people looking for a specific product that some companies have gone solely to advertising on the internet. So why then is the online public feedback from consumers and customers so valuable when it comes to the effectiveness of a marketing campaign? Read ahead to find out.

1. Changing Consumer Preferences
To understand this a little bit better, let’s stand back somewhat. In today’s world, the consumer has so many variables and so much choice when it comes to buying a product. In the smartphone world, there is lots of competition, meaning that there are consistently different smartphone giants (Apple, Samsung, LG, what have you) marketing their product in the face of the consumer. The consumer then has to make a choice and go with what they feel like they can relate to and use the most.

Because of this, the face of the consumer and the face of the marketing campaigns, which have consistently gone hand in hand, are changing and becoming ever different. Instead of marketing a specific product to a particular use, it has more readily become a ‘jack of all trades’ in hopes of appeasing everyone.

Here is where consumer reviews and word-of-mouth praise comes in. It is especially necessary when you are trying to market a product. Let’s take a look at a bad example of a review and a good example of one, and to write our reviews, we will be using our smartphone example again.

1. Bad Review
“It is a good phone. It has good battery life, and I like it.” That was bland, boring, uninformative, and will not raise the expectations nor the hopes of the consumer looking at this device in any way whatsoever.

2. Good Review
“The NewPhone 3X is my favorite phone by far. Not only does it have the latest specs, but it also has the best performing battery life and the fastest processor I’ve ever seen in a phone. It also caters very well toward media creators as well as media consumption. It has a 32-Bit Quad Dac installed for crisp and enjoyable audio, as well as very bright optic AMOLED screen. Overall, the software is refreshing, the camera is incredible and offers manual modes never seen before, the battery life lasts me over two days, and it actually has a headphone jack!”

This is an exceptional review. It’s not too short nor too long, is informative and witty (at the end, if you get the reference!) and praises the product extensively not as a whole but for what it is especially useful for.

As you can see, the importance that consumer ratings and reviews are critical and are one of the leading factors that will make or break your sales for a particular quarter. Which of these two reports, providing that you had some inkling to get the product before reading the reviews, would make you want to spend your hard earned green and buy the product? Exactly.


Author: Alice Silva