Best SEO Strategies to Rocket Your Small Business

Best SEO Strategies to Rocket Your Small Business is a something that is on almost every affiliate marketer’s mind. Search engines are the most effective ways to get free, targeted traffic to your website to boost your small business. Although there are many factors which play into a good SEO strategy, there is one that stands out from the rest. Backlinks. Backlinks are the number one thing search engines like Google rely on to rank websites. You can imagine them as an anonymous vote for your website. The more votes you get, the higher you rank on Google. Sounds simple right? The problem, of course, lies in actually obtaining quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks are links from keyword relevant, reputable sources. These sources can be other websites, blogs, social bookmarking platforms like Digg, and article directories. Articles directories are by far the best way to gain backlinks. Essentially, you exchange a well-written article for a backlink. The advantages of this method are you can customize the topic/keywords of your page; article directories tend to hold a lot of weight in search engines, and as well as exposing your website through the backlinks you’ll gain from the articles, you’ll also gain visitors from the articles themselves. Virtually any keyword is attainable if you mean to achieve your goals via article directory backlinks. The only disadvantage comes from having to write tons of these articles, which can sometimes take over an hour and submit them to all sorts of articles directories. On top of that most directories won’t accept duplicate content and search engines will punish you for doing so. Keep reading for the solution.

Here are amazing, great tips to help you achieve online marketing success!

Write quality, keyword relevant articles about 300 – 500 words in length. Make sure they’re unique pieces and make sure they are related to whatever it is you are trying to rank for. This goes without saying, but you should place a link back to your website somewhere within the article.

Submit your articles to directories 
If you don’t want to waste your time, I would make sure the directories you’re submitting to are do-follow. This way you get a high-quality backlink for your website rather than just a single a linear link within the article. Make sure your articles are keyword rich and that the title includes your keyword. Always follow the directories guidelines to ensure your article gets published.

Bookmark your websites
Using social bookmarking tools will give you tons of keyword relative backlinks as well as supply you with countless visitors from the websites themselves. Stumbleupon is great for this! Blogs are a great way to expose your website. You have to remember to diversify the blogs you comment on and make sure that their content mirrors your website.

Guest Post
This isn’t for affiliate specific sites, but rather websites that offer some substance. Let’s say your niche is photography. You’ll need to find a popular photography blog, write some awesome content for it, and email the administrator to see if they’d like to feature your article in exchange for a backlink. Chances are, if your article is top notch, they will happily take it and possibly send you thousands of visitors who already have a taste for your blog. Need some tips for writing good blog posts? Check out places such as ProBlogger, or articles such as this. Good luck!


Author: Alice Silva