Best Blogs to Follow for SEO Advice

When it comes to web publishing, Search Engine Optimization is a major factor. If you are new to this concept, it can be described as any activity a website professional consultant or owner undertakes to increase the websites ranking and consequently visibility in the search engines. The techniques of Search Engine Optimization, usually abbreviated as SEO, are always changing every day. There are also significant changes in Search Engine Algorithm which have seen additional features and functionalities.

You may ask yourself, how will I come to know the changes happening in the SEO industry and which methods are used to counter them? There are hundreds of SEO blogs which are made available by professionals in the industry. I understand that it may be difficult to navigate through all your choices, and therefore I will compile a list of the best blogs to follow for SEO advice.

1. The Moz Blog
If you want to stay updated on the SEO industry news or inward marketing initiatives, then the Moz blog is definitely the best to read. It covers everything you need to know with a proper amount of details to keep it comprehensible without being overwhelming.

If you are a newbie, there is an invaluable Guide to SEO for beginners. For those who know the basics, their content is full of the latest educational resources, experiments into what is most effective, and tips on SEO. Many SEO experts contribute their content to the Moz blog and the editors are very selective to ensure that they publish only the most useful and high-quality posts.

2. Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Journal has a mix of blogs that can help beginners and also essential updates, rules, and tips for more experienced SEO users. It goes beyond to help marketers and advertisers by providing class knowledge as well as hosting SEO webinars so that you can study a particular topic and get clarified with it.

3. Content Marketing Institute
The Content Marketing Institute appears to understand better that content is a vital element in the digital marketing campaigns. Therefore it provides some of the most useful advice around the SEO industry regarding how content can help your brand. From best practices to industry trends, Content Marketing Institute provides important advice on how to develop the best strategies for your business and how content marketing should promote your brand image.

4. Search Engine Land
Search Engine Land is an ideal blog where you can learn essential techniques of making your web SEO oriented. It contains strategies for operating a successful marketing program and practical tips as well as comprehensive updates about the constant SEO changes.


Author: Alice Silva