Best Blogs to Follow for SEO Advice

When it comes to web publishing, Search Engine Optimization is a major factor. If you are new to this concept, it can be described as any activity a website professional consultant or owner undertakes to increase the websites ranking and consequently visibility in the search engines. The techniques of Search Engine Optimization, usually abbreviated as SEO, are always changing every day. There are also significant changes in Search Engine Algorithm which have seen additional features and functionalities.

You may ask yourself, how will I come to know the changes happening in the SEO industry and which methods are used to counter them? There are hundreds of SEO blogs which are made available by professionals in the industry. I understand that it may be difficult to navigate through all your choices, and therefore I will compile a list of the best blogs to follow for SEO advice.

1. The Moz Blog
If you want to stay updated on the SEO industry news or inward marketing initiatives, then the Moz blog is definitely the best to read. It covers everything you need to know with a proper amount of details to keep it comprehensible without being overwhelming.

If you are a newbie, there is an invaluable Guide to SEO for beginners. For those who know the basics, their content is full of the latest educational resources, experiments into what is most effective, and tips on SEO. Many SEO experts contribute their content to the Moz blog and the editors are very selective to ensure that they publish only the most useful and high-quality posts.

2. Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Journal has a mix of blogs that can help beginners and also essential updates, rules, and tips for more experienced SEO users. It goes beyond to help marketers and advertisers by providing class knowledge as well as hosting SEO webinars so that you can study a particular topic and get clarified with it.

3. Content Marketing Institute
The Content Marketing Institute appears to understand better that content is a vital element in the digital marketing campaigns. Therefore it provides some of the most useful advice around the SEO industry regarding how content can help your brand. From best practices to industry trends, Content Marketing Institute provides important advice on how to develop the best strategies for your business and how content marketing should promote your brand image.

4. Search Engine Land
Search Engine Land is an ideal blog where you can learn essential techniques of making your web SEO oriented. It contains strategies for operating a successful marketing program and practical tips as well as comprehensive updates about the constant SEO changes.


SEO Tips for Small Businesses

For a small business is an inspirational marketing strategy to make even your small business the ultimate choice for consumers. SEO is the most viable way of accelerating your business opportunities via the internet and spreading the wings of your business to consumers far and wide. Here are some simple SEO tips for small businesses.

1. Have Great Content

Yes, no matter how many times you hear about this, great content should be your number one consideration. When it comes to SEO, nothing ensure better ranking of your website than having good content on your business website. Use interesting and fresh content every time that will make your audience want to read more.

2. Change Your Keywords

Have multiple keywords for your business. Just because you own a small business does not mean that you can’t have more keywords for it. When you focus on having more keywords, the chances are high that people searching for your product or something related to it will land on your website.

3. Double Check Your Website

Before you finally let your site go live, make sure that it is free from any errors and violations. Make sure that you’ve cleaned up dead links and properly check the HTML codes and the like to make sure that the SEO spiders can freely crawl and index your website properly. The best way of ensuring that your website runs smoothly is to have your friends and colleagues take a look at your site and get feedback from them. Take a look at at FAQ about finding bugs on your website.

4. Mobile Friendly Interface

This tip is among one of the most important SEO tips for small businesses. A good percentage of all your potential customers may try to access the internet using their mobile phones. For you to increase your chances of having them as your clients, make sure that they can access your website with ease using their mobile phone.

5. Identify Your Target Audience

Find out exactly which audience your business is targeting. This is because knowing who you are reaching out to will help you customize your website in a way that will be appealing to them. Just using your business as the basis of your SEO
won’t work, you need to find out the exact audience for it so that you can come up with content that is suitable for them.

These are some of the best SEO tips that can help your small business rank on search engines and eventually bring more business for you.


Top Network Marketing Tools

With the current and comprehensive network, marketing tools are key to your success. In case you are just beginning to build your own home-based business, you’ll need to find out about the tools your business needs. Keep reading, and I’ll share some top network marketing tips with you.


As the cornerstone of your new business will be networking, both with leads and fellow entrepreneurs, finding the best network marketing tools you can use to expand your contact list is very important. Be willing to learn new technologies and utilize them in your networking endeavors.

Network Marketing Tips

1. Self Replicating Websites – Most network marketing businesses offer this MLM tool. It is a site owned and operated by the leaders in your business that allows you to create a site on the main site. These can go a long way in introducing you as well as your business.

Information Presentation – Along with developing an inspiring and effective presentation for potential recruits, have a brochure or pamphlet printed that you can leave with them or mail to them after your meeting. Also put together a flip book that contains more information on your company, plans, and products.

3. Email – One thing I tell each of my recruits is to clean out your email account and keep it that way. Always keep your contacts list up to date and never let your inbox get filled up. Five open emails in my inbox mean there are five things I need to take action on. Now, this is a very useful tool for self-discipline and avoiding procrastination.

4. Skype – Many of us today use Skype for our telecommunication needs. It’s an excellent way to hold team meetings, and the network will help fellow entrepreneurs and is a free method of speaking to people all over the world. Use the record feature to keep a copy of conversations, business meetings or negotiations. (As a courtesy, always notify the other parties if the chat will be recorded.)

5. Campaigns – Schedule regular campaigns in the most effective marketing tools. Creating video content and uploading it to YouTube or Google is an excellent way to increase your web presence. Article marketing campaigns and newsletters are also very powerful internet marketing strategies.

Succeeding in Network Marketing

While each of these generic but powerful network marketing tools can greatly improve your chances for success, finding the best business system to work within is the single most important element. If your MLM tools haven’t been working for you, it might be time to look into a new approach to networking market. There are options out there if you’re interested in increasing your chance of success.



Best SEO Strategies to Rocket Your Small Business

Best SEO Strategies to Rocket Your Small Business is a something that is on almost every affiliate marketer’s mind. Search engines are the most effective ways to get free, targeted traffic to your website to boost your small business. Although there are many factors which play into a good SEO strategy, there is one that stands out from the rest. Backlinks. Backlinks are the number one thing search engines like Google rely on to rank websites. You can imagine them as an anonymous vote for your website. The more votes you get, the higher you rank on Google. Sounds simple right? The problem, of course, lies in actually obtaining quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks are links from keyword relevant, reputable sources. These sources can be other websites, blogs, social bookmarking platforms like Digg, and article directories. Articles directories are by far the best way to gain backlinks. Essentially, you exchange a well-written article for a backlink. The advantages of this method are you can customize the topic/keywords of your page; article directories tend to hold a lot of weight in search engines, and as well as exposing your website through the backlinks you’ll gain from the articles, you’ll also gain visitors from the articles themselves. Virtually any keyword is attainable if you mean to achieve your goals via article directory backlinks. The only disadvantage comes from having to write tons of these articles, which can sometimes take over an hour and submit them to all sorts of articles directories. On top of that most directories won’t accept duplicate content and search engines will punish you for doing so. Keep reading for the solution.

Here are amazing, great tips to help you achieve online marketing success!

Write quality, keyword relevant articles about 300 – 500 words in length. Make sure they’re unique pieces and make sure they are related to whatever it is you are trying to rank for. This goes without saying, but you should place a link back to your website somewhere within the article.

Submit your articles to directories 
If you don’t want to waste your time, I would make sure the directories you’re submitting to are do-follow. This way you get a high-quality backlink for your website rather than just a single a linear link within the article. Make sure your articles are keyword rich and that the title includes your keyword. Always follow the directories guidelines to ensure your article gets published.

Bookmark your websites
Using social bookmarking tools will give you tons of keyword relative backlinks as well as supply you with countless visitors from the websites themselves. Stumbleupon is great for this! Blogs are a great way to expose your website. You have to remember to diversify the blogs you comment on and make sure that their content mirrors your website.

Guest Post
This isn’t for affiliate specific sites, but rather websites that offer some substance. Let’s say your niche is photography. You’ll need to find a popular photography blog, write some awesome content for it, and email the administrator to see if they’d like to feature your article in exchange for a backlink. Chances are, if your article is top notch, they will happily take it and possibly send you thousands of visitors who already have a taste for your blog. Need some tips for writing good blog posts? Check out places such as ProBlogger, or articles such as this. Good luck!


The Importance of Consumer Testimonials in Business Marketing

When a company or business wants to spread the word about a new product they have coming out soon, what is the one service or authority that they consistently turn to? That’s a good question, and the answer to it would be social media.

We have seen so many times that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, and so many other social media giants have changed the landscape for online marketing. These dominant social media giants connect people far and wide, as is their goal, and at the same time give many chances for brilliant marketing to go big. It is so easy to reach people looking for a specific product that some companies have gone solely to advertising on the internet. So why then is the online public feedback from consumers and customers so valuable when it comes to the effectiveness of a marketing campaign? Read ahead to find out.

1. Changing Consumer Preferences
To understand this a little bit better, let’s stand back somewhat. In today’s world, the consumer has so many variables and so much choice when it comes to buying a product. In the smartphone world, there is lots of competition, meaning that there are consistently different smartphone giants (Apple, Samsung, LG, what have you) marketing their product in the face of the consumer. The consumer then has to make a choice and go with what they feel like they can relate to and use the most.

Because of this, the face of the consumer and the face of the marketing campaigns, which have consistently gone hand in hand, are changing and becoming ever different. Instead of marketing a specific product to a particular use, it has more readily become a ‘jack of all trades’ in hopes of appeasing everyone.

Here is where consumer reviews and word-of-mouth praise comes in. It is especially necessary when you are trying to market a product. Let’s take a look at a bad example of a review and a good example of one, and to write our reviews, we will be using our smartphone example again.

1. Bad Review
“It is a good phone. It has good battery life, and I like it.” That was bland, boring, uninformative, and will not raise the expectations nor the hopes of the consumer looking at this device in any way whatsoever.

2. Good Review
“The NewPhone 3X is my favorite phone by far. Not only does it have the latest specs, but it also has the best performing battery life and the fastest processor I’ve ever seen in a phone. It also caters very well toward media creators as well as media consumption. It has a 32-Bit Quad Dac installed for crisp and enjoyable audio, as well as very bright optic AMOLED screen. Overall, the software is refreshing, the camera is incredible and offers manual modes never seen before, the battery life lasts me over two days, and it actually has a headphone jack!”

This is an exceptional review. It’s not too short nor too long, is informative and witty (at the end, if you get the reference!) and praises the product extensively not as a whole but for what it is especially useful for.

As you can see, the importance that consumer ratings and reviews are critical and are one of the leading factors that will make or break your sales for a particular quarter. Which of these two reports, providing that you had some inkling to get the product before reading the reviews, would make you want to spend your hard earned green and buy the product? Exactly.


Social Media Marketing Secrets 

There are quite a lot of social media marketing information nuggets that can make or break your online marketing campaign. If you do not have the proper planning, execution, strategy or base plan, your entire campaign could just as quickly go to waste as it could succeed and therefore exceed all of your highest dreams and expectations! But, no. Not is all well and good. There are online marketing ‘landmines’ (for lack of a better term) that, if you step on, can ‘blow up’ all of your work and effort. See what I did there, with the whole ‘landmine’ and ‘blowing up thing? No? That’s fine.

1. Social Media Marketing Always Costs Money
This right here is obvious and will undoubtedly come across as a no-brainer to you. It is true that social media marketing costs a lot of money, but some people are trying to trick you into thinking it will be cheaper and more accessible, sometimes even free or paid for than it usually is. You do not want to fall into this black hole of lies! Find out potential costs to social media marketing.

2. You Can’t Predict Success
You have entirely no idea if you will be successful or not until you get out there and truly try to market your product or service. There is no verifiable working campaign that you can use. No secret sauce of marketing techniques, no amount of work, and certainly no amount of money that can tell you beforehand if you will make it big time. You will only know once you try to get out there and do it yourself.

I know it sounds a little bit harsh, but sometimes you have to hear it! You do not want to fall into the trap of thinking your product will be incredible and then betting all of your hard work and hard earned money on it. This is the worst thing for you to fall into and you want to make sure that it does not happen.

What if your product is not as good as you thought it would be? You lose months, years, and thousands of dollars of work and effort because you believed that it would be great!

3. You Need Followers
Before your marketing campaign takes off, you are going to need a lot of followers. It takes a lot of attention and exposure to get people to start buying into your product or your service, or what have you. You will not start selling your product unless your product has been exposed and adequately advertised beforehand.

Online marketing is a tricky slope, and because the variables change so often it is hard to see whether or not you will be successful in the long run, so be careful!


Guide To Promoting Your Digital Business

Online companies have a peculiar marketing niche. They can self-promote digitally so easily that perhaps buying promotional items to market their name seems fruitless. My experience proves the opposite is true. Just because a company depends on digital advertising and a digital storefront doesn’t mean their customers aren’t real. Because customers are people, and people respond positively to gifts, online companies should invest in real promotional products as well as digital marketing.

Choosing what promotional item that best represents a digital company is a huge question that mostly depends on what the online company sells. Hopefully, this example will help provide a pattern useful to an online company marketing plan. This is an example marketing plan using the online company Status King.

Status King is a Facebook application that uses a status voting game to sell t-shirts. On their site, clever one-liner-type statuses are submitted, voted on, and three times a week the most popular status wins a t-shirt. All other visitors read and vote on the funny statuses and some buy a t-shirt with their favorite status and a profile photo of their choice. It is only a digital company there’s no retail space and all communication with the developers is through email. But the people who visit the game and buy the shirts are real. And Status King can use real promotional products to help their customers feel appreciated and want to promote the site.

Promotional Tip: Tie Promotion to Logo

Gifts are a universal way businesses show appreciation for their customers. A customer who receives a gift-even a promotional gift-feels happy inside and more likely to promote the company. The key to remember is: a promotional gift should connect the customer to the company in a memorable way. An obvious step is to look at the logo and/or business name and match it to a promotional gift.

The Status King logo is a cartoon-ish square with a smiley face and a crown hanging off the top corner. Because of the name and the logo, an ideal gift would be some type of crown.

Promotional Gift: Custom Stress Toy

Stress toys are inexpensive, infinitely customizable, and can be clever. I like the idea of a bright yellow stress-toy crown shipped with every t-shirt order. It’s memorable, it connects to the logo and business name, and it’s small enough to ship and be within a budget. In the imprint area, the Status King company could print something like: “Squeeze me, the Status King crown is within your grasp.” Whatever line they use, as I always advise, they need to include contact information on the promotion. Since this is a digital company, just the web address will do.

Promotional Gift: Food Shaped Treat

Food is ALWAYS an excellent promotional gift. I once had a toner recycling company that delivered a rice crispy treat in every new toner cartridge box. That kind of service gets remembered. I must admit though, I cannot remember the name of that company. I remember what they did, but their food promotion didn’t connect directly to their company, so I don’t remember their name. If Status King included a crown shaped rice crispy treat with every t-shirt-then that would get their name remembered better than the toner company and please the customer as well.

Promotional Gift: For Wearing on the Head

Something to wear makes for a very visible promotion, advertising wherever it’s worn. A simple foam crown would be a great promotion for Status King. It has a nice-sized imprint space and when worn on the head, it has excellent visibility. Perhaps the t-shirts shipped out around Halloween would be the time for a quick foam crown promotion–that would be the time people would most likely wear the crown. But even if the crown isn’t worn in public-customers would feel the warmth that comes from receiving a gift and be more likely to spread the news of the site to their friends.

Whether a company is made of bricks-and-mortar or digital real estate, its customers are real and appreciate the real extra mile of a promotional gift.